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CI Sluice Gate 225 mm Dia Spigot Valve With Extension Spindle 1.5m Length

CI Sluice Gate 225 mm Dia Spigot Valve With Extension Spindle 1.5m Length

    • CI Sluice Gate 225 mm Dia Spigot Valve With Extension Spindle 1.5m Length
    • CI Sluice Gate 225 mm Dia Spigot Valve With Extension Spindle 1.5m Length
  • CI Sluice Gate 225 mm Dia Spigot Valve With Extension Spindle 1.5m Length

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: OEM
    Certification: WRAS
    Model Number: RSGV

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 sets / pcs
    Price: USD 10 ~ 10,000 /pcs
    Packaging Details: ruggedization plywood case suit for sea delivery and protect the goods
    Delivery Time: within 25 days after payment
    Supply Ability: 99,000 pcs / month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Size: DN40 ~ DN300 Pressure: PN10 , PN 16
    Standard: DIN F4 / DIN F5 / BS5163A / AWWA C509 C515 MJ / JIS Temperature: -20 ~ 120 C
    Body: Ductile Iron GGG40 / GGG 50, Cast Iron GG25, DI Wedge: Iron Coating EPDM / NBR

    CI Sluice Gate 225 mm Dia Spigot Valve With Extension Spindle 1.5 m Length


    225 mm dia Spigot valve with extension spindle 1.5 m length.









    CI Sluice Gate 225 mm Dia Spigot Valve With Extension Spindle 1.5m Length



    Design features:


    All to suit HDPE Pipe 


    DN150 – OD 160 – Socket Ends Resilient Seated Gate Valves


    DN100 – OD 110 – Socket Ends Resilient Seated Gate Valves


    DN40 - OD 50 – Threaded Ends Resilient Seated Gate Valves with Nipples for HDPE pipe end connection


    DN32 – OD 40 – Threaded Ends Resilient Seated Gate Valves with Nipples for HDPE pipe end connection


    DN25 – OD 32 – Threaded Ends Resilient Seated Gate Valves with Nipples for HDPE pipe end connection


    DN20- OD 25 – Threaded Ends Resilient Seated Gate Valves with Nipples for HDPE pipe end connection



    Spindle’s gaskets O-ring - “DRY THREAD” - replaceable under pressure.

    Stainless steel spindle with rolled thread and bearing.

    Total sufrace rubbered wedge with replaceable spindle nut.

    Gate valve with full bore.

    All parts are protected against corrosion.



    Resilient seated gate valve to EN 1074-1 and 2 / EN 1171, with WRAS approved EPDM
    rubber parts.

    Body and bonnet of GJS-500-7 (GGG-50). Wedge of ductile iron with fixed wedge nut,

    fully vulcanized with EPDM rubber. Stem of stainless steel min. 13% Cr with rolled thread
    and wedge stop ring.


    Stem sealing with 4 O-rings in a nylon bearing, an EPDM rubber manchette, and a NBR

    wiper ring. EPDM bonnet gasket in a groove, countersunk bonnet bolts encircled by the

    bonnet gasket and sealed with hot melt. Sockets fitted with "Euro" sealing rings of EPDM


    Epoxy coating to DIN 30677-2 and GSK guidelines - internally and externally.


    A. Stem sealing

    Three independent stem seals offering triple safety:

    •  A NBR wiper ring protects against dirt from outside.

    •  A polyamid bearing with 4 NBR O-rings protects against galvanic corrosion.

    • An EPDM rubber manchette sealing acts as the main hydraulic seal to the flow.

    B. Body/bonnet connection

    The unique assembly of the valve body and bonnet ensures a durable tightness:

    •  A round rubber bonnet gasket fits into a recess in the valve bonnet preventing it

       from being blown out by pressure surges.

    •  The stainless steel bonnet bolts are countersunk in the valve bonnet, encircled

        by the bonnet gasket and sealed with hot melt. Thus there is no risk of corrosion

        as the bolts are not exposed to the medium or soil.


    C. Wedge nut

    The fixed, integral wedge nut reduces the number of movable valve parts thus

    minimizing the risk of corrosion and malfunction. The wedge nut is made of
    dezincification resistant brass with lubricating abilities providing optimum compatibility

    with the stainless steel stem.

    D. Vulcanized wedge

    The ductile iron core is fully vulcanized with drinking water approved EPDM rubber

    internally and externally.


    No iron parts are exposed to the medium and the excellent rubber vulcanization

    prevents creeping corrosion underneath the rubber.


    Guides in the wedge and on the valve body ensure a uniform closure regardless of

    high pressure.


    Safe operation is ensured, as the guides prevent overloading of the stem.


    The wedge has a large through bore and as there are no hollows in the core, stagnant

    water or impurities cannot collect and cause contamination.


    The valve gate or closure member is typically in the form of a wedge made of cast iron material

    so as to be sufficiently rugged so as to be suitable for high pressure and high flow applications. 


    In a resilient seat gate valve, the outer surface of the valve wedge is coated with an elastomeric

    material so as to offer a bubble-tight seal even at elevated operating pressures. 


    The valve wedge is operated by turning a threaded stem so as to advance or retract the valve

    wedge within the waterway of the valve housing. 


    Upon valve closure, the resilient material on the edge forms a bubble-tight seal with the internal

    surface of the valve body. Dirt or other contamination in the valve operating system can lead to

    incomplete sealing of the wedge or other malfunction.


    Another object of the present invention is to provide a resilient seat gate valve having an

    improved wedge operator system which readily overcomes the deleterious effects of contamination introduced either during construction or entrained within product carried to the valve.


    These and other objects of the present invention which will become apparent from studying the

    appended description and drawings are provided in a valve arrangement, that comprises a valve

    housing that defines a water passageway and a valve seat within the valve passageway. 


    A valve wedge disposed within the housing passageway moves along a direction of operation

    between a closed position in contact with the valve seat to block flow of water through the valve

    passageway and an open position allowing flow of water through the valve passageway. 


    A pair of spaced apart tracks are disposed within the valve housing on either side of the wedge

    and extend along the direction of operation. A pair of opposed wings carried on the valve wedge,

    travel in each track. A valve stem coupled to the valve wedge moves the valve wedge in opposite reciprocating directions between valve open and valve closed positions. 


    Rollers are carried on the wings for rolling engagement with the tracks and scraper blades are

    carried on the wings adjacent the rollers to scrape contamination from the tracks. 


    The tracks may be provided with or without a liner. If a wing is provided without rollers because of

    a light loading application, for example, the track is preferably provided without a liner. 


    A light loading condition may arise, for example, at the upper end of a horizontally oriented

    valve arrangement. However, under heavy loading conditions as, for example, at the bottom

    end of a horizontally operated valve arrangement, it is preferred that the wings be provided

    with load bearing rollers. 


    In this instance, it is also preferred that the track be provided with a liner of generally U-shaped

    cross-section and made of a rugged material such as stainless steel.




    Part name




    Ductile cast iron



    Ductile cast iron + EPDM


    Stem nut

    ZCuAl10Fe3 Gunmetal






    Ductile cast iron


    Gland gasket

    ZCuAl10Fe3 Gunmetal



    2Cr13  S.S.x 20Cr13



    Ductile cast iron


    Rubber wiper



    Hand wheel

    Ductile cast iron




    ⊙ Shot-blasting 

    protective surface finished by shot-blasting and the surface is smooth and neatness. 


    ⊙ Flatting seat 

    Smooth continuous bore way without seating recess, it is not easy to get impurity pilled up. 

    Making the liquid straightway. 


    ⊙ Treating with rubber 

    Both inner and outer are coated with advanced knowledge of rubber vulcanization then making 

    sure of the elasticity of rubber ,and make sure the exact geometry dimension. Rubber and ductile

     cast iron valve hand together hardly. This can avoid fall-off due to long-term use. 


    ⊙ Anti- corrosion 

    Both inner and outer are coated with non-toxic powder epoxy resin to strengthen the capacity of Corrosion resisting and raise the quality 

    of water supply. 


    ⊙ Ruggedization 

    The older ductile iron valve is easy to rupture after being impacted by nonego. It can stop 

    rupture depend on the good mechanics capability of ductile iron . 


    ⊙ Three “○” sealed ring 

    With the three “O” – rings, the leakage can be greatly reduced and the “O” – ring can be 

    replaced under this condition with pressure and without stopping water. The thrust axletree 

    reduces the frictional resistance and lowers the operational torque. And it can be switch seal 

    ring without opening and closing. 


    ⊙ Rigid round body 

    The body is founded minutely, the rigid geometry size ensure inner sealing of valve without 

    any process. 


    ⊙ Light weight 

    This body is made of ductile iron, it is 20%-30% lighter than the olds. Easily to fixing and 



    Applications : This valve widely applied in the liquid pipes for opening or closing fixing in such

     water, sewage disposal, electric power, energetics pipe , chemical, shipping, energy sources etc.

    ⊙ American Standard 
    Design to ANSI/AWWA C509 
    Face to face dimension to ASME B16.10-2000(ISO 3 series) 
    Flange and drilling To SME/ANSI B16.42-1998 

    ⊙ British Standard 
    Design to BS5163,BS5150 
    Face to face dimension to BS5163(ISO 3series,ISO19 series) 
    Flange and drilling To BS4504 part1(EN1092) 

    ⊙ Germany Standard 
    Design to DIN3352 
    Face to face dimension to DIN3202(F4:ISO 14 series;F5: ISO 15 series) 
    Flange and drilling to BS EN1092 
    Applications: This valve widely applied in the liquid pipes for opening or closing fixing in such water, 

    sewage disposal, electric power, energetics pipe , chemical, shipping, energy sources etc.

    CI Sluice Gate 225 mm Dia Spigot Valve With Extension Spindle 1.5m Length


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